Isalc"Li: A Love Odyssey | 2019


Album: Isalc"Li: a Love Odyssey

Year: 2019

Marks another powerful milestone on Anaya’s journey of creating innovative, life-changing, heart transforming and consciousness shifting cosmic new age music. Transcending challenges in her own life through the embodiment of compassion, gratitude and pure joy, poured into the art of creating her music. 

A beautiful sonic journey to elevate our vibration and enhance Love to transcend inter-dimensional gates: that is the Love Odyssey. This album has been created by inspiration and in Honor of my Grandmother Isalc"Li and her life as a healer.


Isalc”Li: A Love Odyssey is a collection of seven original compositions (one piece has two movements) composed, arranged and performed by Anaya Music (Tania Mara Botelho). Quoting Anaya, the intention of this album is to “elevate our vibration and enhance Love to transcend inter-dimensional gates…This album has been created by inspiration and in Honor of my Grandmother Isalc"Li and her life as a healer.” The album has been described as “the best night's sleep without closing one's eyes.”

A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist as well as a composer, Anaya holds a Post-doctorate degree from Syracuse University and has worked for the University of Brazil and the United Nations as an Information System Specialist. Referring to her style as “Cosmic New Age,” the music on Isalc”Li: A Love Odyssey can be described as a hybrid of classical, symphonic and ambient genres. Lush strings make up a large part of the instrumentation on the album, which also features electronic and synth sounds and textures in addition to more traditional symphonic instruments and wordless vocals. Anaya has won many awards for her music internationally. A native of Brazil, she is devoted to elevating the human spirit through music, to fulfill a collective yearning shared by humanity for harmony, unity and balance.

Isalc”Li: A Love Odyssey begins with “Luminous,” a dreamy and ethereal piece that seems to float on air. Smooth and very ambient, it sets the tone for the blissful musical experience that follows. “Sacred Heart” blends angelic choral voices with light background instrumentation (mostly strings) and has the soothing yet powerful sound of voices singing in a large cathedral. “String Passion, Mov. 1” and “String Passion, Mov. 2” return to a more ambient sound with a full symphonic string ensemble and passages with choral voices adding tonal color. The two movements of this piece combine to total more than thirteen minutes, making “String Passion” a very soothing and dreamlike centerpiece for the album. As the title suggests, “Ethereal Love” is very calming with strings seeming to float on clouds of bliss. “Alethea” gently shimmers and sparkles with ambient choral voices and strings painting a sonic picture of a perfect serenity. “Dharma” has appeared on other albums, but this time Anaya added wordless vocals to the orchestral strings - haunting and very beautiful. “Breath” closes the album with a dreamy, heavenly piece written for strings, atmospheric keyboard and synth sounds, and other symphonic instruments. At this point, you should be completely stress-free and fully relaxed! If not, play this album again!

Isalc”Li: A Love Odyssey is available from Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby and many streaming sites.

Kathy Parsons
Masterful enchanting electronic atmospheres AnayaMusic – 4D ETERNITY: As you might imagine, I spend hour upon hour listening to all types & genres of music… I won’t bore you with numbers (though there are a ton of numbers involved), but I can easily say that I listen to (at least) 1000 albums per year… Anaya has been a part of that listening experience nearly since I started this magazine… her latest release is an electronic masterpiece that you won’t find anywhere else…

Dick Metcalf - Contemporary Fusion Reviews (Feb 17, 2019)
Anaya is a Brazilian-born composer and vocalist with a lifelong devotion to ballet dancing. Having been immersed in a rich culture of music and the arts since childhood, she started out playing piano and guitar at a young age, eventually going on to study the music of various classical composers. To date, Anaya has released a handful of what could be described as true-to-form “neoclassical new age” music albums, including her latest offering, Isalc"Li: A Love Odyssey, which is comprised of eight serene and delicate compositions with emphasis on gentle keyboards and symphonic string arrangements.

The radiant “Luminous” opens the album with gossamer strings and celestial timbres, a signature staple of her sound, as one can almost see the sunlight breaking through the clouds while ascending towards the sky. Eventually arriving at what is easily the highlight of the album, “Dharma (with vocals)” is an especially touching composition that feels like a reunification of sorts. Here, Anaya lends gentle wordless intonations in unison with the lead melody, as the listener is seemingly carried away by angels to a heavenly abode. Closing out the album is the mistily lulling “Breath” with its shimmery, threadlike synth-tones haloing a cello and oboe melody.

Quoted as saying “our best instrument is the universal harmony of being”, Anaya seeks to promote harmony, unity and balance through her music and her tender melodies certainly convey that message. Transmitted straight from the heart, Isalc"Li: A Love Odyssey will resonate with many listeners who are seeking a heavenly slice of peace and comfort through the healing waves of sound!

Candice Michelle


2019 | Best Album . Ambient / Instrumental - The Akademia Music Awards


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